The 7 best travel apps from 2018

What we use most probably is Google Maps: roaming allowing, around the world it is difficult to do without online maps. Then there are the apps to find accommodation and transport savings. And those with the reviews written by users: very useful not to go blind in places where we have never been before. But of app that can make our relationship with the world less complicated in 2018, there are a lot of them. Just a few clicks, for example, are enough to understand how safe a place is, which is the best way to go from one place to another (which is almost never the fastest), when is the best time to fly to the east (or west) or how to bypass web censorship in countries where it is in place and not only … There are at least 7 free apps for iPhone and Android that are useful for traveling in 2018.

Google Trips

If you are the type of person who prepares for each trip by designing each route in detail, Google Trips allows you to do it without the hassle of having to print everything: the app collects all travel information from Gmail and organizes it automatically. It also offers half-day or one-day itineraries, with ad hoc suggestions. And most importantly, it works completely offline, so you do not have to worry about getting to a new country and having to find a wifi hotspot before you can find out where you are going.


This urban route planner helps you find your way to somewhere, based on your interests and preferences. Are you looking for a coffee or a pharmacy on the way? Do you prefer the cultural route to the fast one? Sidekix is ​​full of suggestions taken care of by locals (the so-called “local”) and currently works in about 100 cities, but every week new ones are added.


How safe is the place where we are? Geosure is a “personal security” app that, based on your location, provides you with a safety score that reflects health risks, any political issues, environmental threats, food hazards and even info on the possibility of theft and assault that occurred in the area. All useful information … even if not peremptory.

Cool Cousin

As the title suggests, it’s a bit like having a “cool” cousin in cities like Barcelona, ​​New York, Paris, Tel Aviv … The app offers a series of tips on what to do and what to see by experienced residents (and a little hipster) off the beaten track in more than 60 destinations: their suggestions are not what you would find in a tourist guide, but if you are looking for new trendy places in emerging neighborhoods, you will love it.

Tunnel Bear

If you want to play streaming movies outside your country, but most importantly keep your Internet connection safe while you are abroad – and you should do it if you connect to many random wifi spots – then you will need to use a VPN (virtual private network) ). VPNs hide our IP address and location and act as “tunnels” in another country, even bypassing censorship. There are many apps to choose from, but TunnelBear is particularly easy to use, and has a free version if you do not use a lot of data, or you just want to test it before becoming a premium.