The most beautiful beaches of Pantelleria

Black pearl of the Mediterranean, located halfway between the coasts of Sicily and the Tunisian coast, the island of Pantelleria , with an extension of just 80 km 2, is truly an earthly paradise: breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear sea and wild nature make this small isolates a real jewel . Centuries of volcanic phenomena have shaped the coasts of the island making the beaches of Pantelleria a unique and unmissable sight: a riot of coves in lava stone, hidden bays and caves immersed in the sapphire waters of the Mediterranean.

The coastal vegetation of rosemary, juniper, citrus and helichrysum, the terraced vineyards of Zibibbo and the cliffs overlooking the sea are the stage for the island’s coves, each different from the other; the indomitable spirit of the island and the uncontaminated nature mean that the beaches of Pantelleria are not always easily accessible from the mainland, but their incomparable beauty absolutely deserves the effort. With SiViaggia you discover a practical guide to the most beautiful beaches of Pantelleria divided by type.

The most accessible beaches of Pantelleria
Cala Gadir : situated close to the old port of the same name, this cove is easily accessible from the town; it owes its name to the springs of thermal water , gadir in Arabic means water basin and here, a few steps from the extraordinary sea of ​​Pantelleria, there are natural pools of hot water carved directly into the rock.

Bue Marino : perhaps the most famous of Pantelleria’s beaches, Bue Marino is easily accessible from the center of the island; the low sloping seabed and the natural protection from the winds of the cove make this beach a perfect destination for families and children.

Balate Karibuale : literally ” last landing of the Turks ” this beach consists of a flat expanse of lava stone ; the long coast offers small coves and seabeds with smooth pebbles, which act as a landing place for boats, making it a very popular cove and also suitable for children.

Martignana : wrapped in a particular marine microclimate , this riviera owes its name to the characteristic protruding rock that resembles a Latin sailboat. Rich in lush and particularly fishy bottoms, the Martignana area is also renowned for its sweet zibibbo wine.

The most popular Pantelleria beaches
Cala Tramontana : together with Cala Levante it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Pantelleria. At this point the sea is a veritable turquoise water mirror, surrounded by ebony- colored rocky walls . In short, the perfect place for unforgettable photos of the beaches of Pantelleria.

Cala Levante : so called because it is located on the eastern side of the island where the sun rises, this cove is among the most suggestive. Situated between the Arch of the Elephant and Faraglione of Punta Tracino, Cala Levante frames a breathtaking landscape; a spectacular inlet that overlooks the crystal-clear sea of ​​Pantelleria, it is a must-see destination for lovers of diving and snorkeling .

Suakl : Suakl is one of the most romantic beaches on the island. At the end of the day from here it is possible to admire a unique sunset, which in the clearest days directly overlooks the coast of Africa .

Punta Spadillo : famous place where the lighthouse of the island stands out , here is a lake very appreciated for the possibility of bathing even when the sea is rough, because it consists of a natural basin fed by the waves, whose temperature, warmed by the rays of the sun, it remains pleasantly warm throughout the year.