That’s why Città Sant’Angelo is among the 5 cities in the world where to go to live (according to Forbes)

Leave your work and go to live abroad. Where is it? In Città Sant’Angelo, for example. The council started from Forbes , which drew up a ranking of the places where it would be better to stabilize, since they offer a good quality of life at low cost.

The US magazine has rewarded the town of Abruzzo with an excellent sixth place, leaving behind its best known destinations, such as Bali and Playa del Carmen, Mexico. With its 15 thousand inhabitants and a temperate climate, Città Sant’Angelo represents for Forbes “a little corner of paradise”.

Below, the complete list, written by the journalist Laura Begley Bloom in the January issue, dialoguing with Kathleen Peddicord, editor of Live and Invest Overseas .

1. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon dominates the ranking, thanks to its elegance, its centuries-old history and its sea views, comparable to works of art. A show for which a low ticket price is expected. Living here, according to Forbes estimates, could cost around $ 1,300 a month.

2. Cali, Colombia

Pleasant climate, warm afternoons and cool breeze in the evening: Cali gets the silver medal, thanks to its inhabitants, friendly, pleasant and always ready for conversation.

3. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


The capital of the Dominican Republic boasts a city liveliness, made up of crowded ports and roads always in turmoil. The influx of tourists has led to the construction of various infrastructures, which offer modern comforts. For food and rent, a couple could spend $ 1450 a month.

4. San Pedro, Belize

A small city, with expats from all over the world, to create together the life that everyone has come to look for here. A tiny island in Beliza, where prices can be a bargain compared to other Caribbean locations.

5. Saint-Chinian, France

Provence is famous, but expensive, says Forbes. This city offers a valid alternative at a reasonable price and is described as “a city in style ‘Beauty and the Beast'”. For wine lovers, it is good to know that the industry is growing here. The inhabitants, friendly, are the additional value.