Reasons why you should try the food in Netherlands

One thing that tourists will agree on, is that the food that is served in Netherland is something that you will not taste anywhere else in the world. This is tasty and really special. Now, many people are wondering why this food is so great tasting and what food you should try when you are visiting the Netherlands. Here is some information about the food in the Netherlands and why their food is so tasty.

Using the right combination spices

Their number one secret is the fact that they are using the right combination of spices. They are using different spices together that we, in other countries, won’t even dream about using together. And, if you are asking them about the different spices that they are using, they are a bit secretive and doesn’t want to tell.

The netherlands have some spices that you will not find in other countries, and this is the reason why even if you have the recipe of some of their dishes, it will not taste the same when you are back home.

Using seasonal foods

The other secret to their great tasting food, is that they are only using seasonal food that is ripen naturally. The fruit and vegetables that are in season and ripen the right, normal way is tastier and sweeter as the fruit and vegetables that are planted out of season.

We don’t always consider that using only seasonal ingredients can make such a huge change in the final taste of the dish.

Using different cheeses

And of cause, what is a Netherland dish without cheese? This is the one ingredient that you will find in most dishes. Any form of cheese.

Netherland is popular for their variety of cheese and their cheese is just tasted different than from other countries. And, this is why their dishes are so different. The taste of the cheese is so much better and higher quality.

Some dishes that you should try when visiting Netherland

Now that you are hungry and really in the mood for some Netherland’s dishes, you might be wondering what dishes are recommended to try by tourists. There are so many different, and strange dishes that it can be hard and difficult to choose which one to try, if you aren’t familiar with it. Here are some of the dishes that you should try when visiting Netherland:

  •  Poffertjes. This is small, fluffy pancakes that are served with sugar and syrup. This is one of the most popular foods that you can buy at the market. You can eat it as a snack or as a dessert.
  • Appeltaart. You might know this better as apple pie. But, it is prepared differently in Netherlands and is tasting a whole lot different.

Everyone that has visited Netherland will agree that their food is to die for. Something that you will not taste anywhere else in the world. This is because of their fresh ingredients, their secret spices and their love for sugar and sweet. You don’t need to worry about being hungry when you are traveling to Netherland. You will find something that you will like.