Jill Paider: “I have visited 102 countries with only one piece of luggage, people are surprised that a woman travels alone”

Can you travel from north to south and from east to west of the globe, carrying only a small trolley with you? As impossible as it may seem, Jill Paider succeeded. In fact, this American photographer visited 102 countries , immortalizing the most evocative glimpses of Chile, Bolivia, India, South Africa, Jordan and the other places in which she chose to bring her curiosity. Jill is a professional who has obtained numerous prestigious awards , specializing in design photography, architecture, gastronomy (and travel in general) and publishing several books that collect the most beautiful and fascinating shots of his collection.

The camera, therefore, is a must-have in its travels. But if the equipment is already heavy in itself, how to limit the inconvenience of the trip if not choosing to rely on only one hand baggage? To recount the itineraries he has traced over the past few years, Jill recently released the Carry-On Only volume . Confessions from 100 Countries (or “Only with hand baggage, confessions from 100 countries”), giving meticulous advice to those who, like her, can not really dream of visiting every corner of the Earth.

Let’s start from the beginning, Jill. How and when did you discover your strong passion for travel?

It all started in high school, when I had an important first holiday in Spain. I immediately fell in love with traveling in itself and have been looking for new experiences ever since.

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How many countries have you visited and what was the place that really bewitched you?

I’ve visited 102, a good number. It is always difficult to choose one of a special one, everyone gave me something. I would say that my top 5 is made up of Namibia, South Africa, New Zealand, Fiji and Chile.

You wrote a book called Solo with hand luggage ( Carry-On Only ), a sort of memoir about your travels, full of beautiful photos. The title explains your habit of traveling with one, small baggage. How do you succeed in this “business”? Have you ever wanted to carry a bigger suitcase?

Ca rry-On Only collects my travels as a professional photographer and the publications I’ve made over more than 10 years. It is a volume full of shots and includes cards for each country, with a focus on architecture, design, food and views of the place. Most of my travels have managed to do them with only one hand baggage, following the principle of “less is more”. Over time, I started to understand what was essential and what was not for my travels.

What is it that can never be missing in your suitcase? And what is the useless thing to insert?

In my baggage the camera can never be missing, while in my opinion it is useless to bring a large assortment of the same object. One of everything is enough.